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Great Value and excellent work!

I am overly satisfied by the job that Peachtree air duct & dryer vent cleaning Atlanta did. They delivered everything promised and more. I did two days of research on duct cleaning and the different methods before I decided to hire them. Leo was the only one that I called that could answer all of my questions(I had a list of 23)fully and satisfactory. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a to have the job done correctly. Thank you for the great job James Roswell, GA  3/15/2011


A Breath of Fresh Air

We probably waited way too long to get our vents cleaned. We started getting headaches and soar throats from the vents. I called Peachtree cleaning Atlanta and they quoted me a good price, stuck to it and showed up on time for the job. They were fast but thorough and brought a whole team to complete the job. Despite the fact that the vents were nasty and needed a good bit of work, the team left no mess behind. I could not be more pleased with the job they did, the difference was immediately clear. I found Dryer vent and air duct cleaning Atlanta to be dependable, diligent and highly skilled. You won't go wrong with this company. Nathan Lilburn GA. 4/17/2015.

Well worth it!

We had them come out to clean our air ducts. They did exactly what they said they would do. Our air ducts probably hadn't been cleaned since the house was built 20 years ago. They were completely honest. What was really great was that Ben noticed a smell in our basement that he said could be mold. We called the recommended inspection company and the lab results showed that we did have a mold problem. We might never have noticed if it hadn't been for him. Their price was right in the same ball park as the 3 other companies I called as well. Miriam Tucker GA 5/7/2012.


Cleaning Of Unlimited Ducts, Furnace & Disinfectant

Expires 04/30/2024
Regular 349$


Unlimited Length Dryer Vent Cleaning / VENTS FROM THE ROOF 

Expires 04/30/2024

Regular 149$


We Called Peachtree cleaning Atlanta to install a new dryer vent that had been giving us problems. They came out did an inspection and recommended replacing the old vent instead of cleaning it because it had rusted out. The price was reasonable and they completed the work quickly and cleaned up the small mess they made from cutting into the wall.  Amanda Woodstock GA  7/12/2009.

Great value, great service.

I highly recommend air duct and dryer vent cleaning Atlanta. Due to a cancellation, I was able to schedule service within 48 hours. I live in a 20 year old town home and have no idea when the vents may have ever been cleaned. In addition, the dryer vent had a bend in it that I wasn't aware of and it was holding water. Kirk found the problem right away and fixed it. The value based on what is provided is outstanding. My vents are absolutely clean and it is wonderful. I can smell the difference in my home. I would highly recommend this business to anyone interested. Kirk provides excellent service with integrity and a great friendly attitude. Jenny Atlanta GA 6/23/2013.

Honest and Thorough

While not the cheapest place in town to have your ducts cleaned, they are extremely thorough, timely, and reliable. Last year we had them come out to clean our ducts before moving in. Needless to say, after removing popcorn ceilings, it had to be done. They took several hours and did a great job! Simon Cumming GA 9/19/2010.


Unlimited Length Dryer Vent Cleaning / VENTS FROM THE SIDE 

Expires 04/30/2024
Regular 129$


Chimney Cleaning & Inspection Per 1 Chimney & 1 Fireplace / PRE FAB FIREPLACES

Expires 04/30/2024

Regular 139$

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